MYJUICEBKK Cold Pressed Juice

Cold-press is the name of a method used to get the juice out of the fruits and vegetables in a bladeless way without producing any heat and oxidation. During Cold press process, no blades are used, and juices of the fruits or vegetables are extracted by chewing and mashing movements of the machine. Since it’s very similar to chewing, cold press machines. In this way, by masticating in a very low speed, there will be no heat or oxidation and all the vitamins and minerals of the food will be preserved.

Our cold-pressed juices are organic. All flavours are made only from green veggies and fresh fruits carefully sourced from local producers. By purchasing our ingredients directly from the farmers, we can ensure each and every bottle of our juices is not only tasty and nutritious, but free from nasty chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to the health. With a daily dose of MYJUICEBKK, you can rest assure you are fueling your body with the freshest, healthiest and best quality juice!

Juice Cleanse Program

Set A : Drink juice cleanse 6 bottles a day (500ml. : 1 bottle)

3 Days 500ml. 18 bottles : ฿3,000
5 Days 500ml. 30 bottles : ฿4,900

Set B : Drink juice cleanse 4 bottles a day (500ml. : 1 bottle)

3 Days 500ml. 12 bottles : ฿2,050
5 Days 500ml. 20 bottles : ฿3,400

Set C : Drink juice cleanse 3 bottles a day (500ml. : 1 bottle)

3 Days 500ml. 9 bottles : ฿1,600
5 Days 500ml. 15 bottles : ฿2,600